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Lillian Necakov

Lillian Necakov nació en Belgrado, Serbia en 1960 y vive en Toronto. Es la editora de los poetas surrealistas the Surrealist Poets Gardening Association, una revista literaria. Su trabajo ha aparecido en numerosas revistas, antologías, etc, en Canadá, EE.UU. y Europa, y en China.
Algunos de sus libros son:
Cowboy in Hamburg (Surrealist Poets Gardening Association, 1988), Listen (Pink Dog, 1988), Sickbed of Dogs (Wolsak & Wynn, 1989) and Polaroids (Coach House, 1999).

El sueño de Perhan

Cuando el gallo cante
pondrán una moneda de oro en cada uno de sus ojos muertos
el sol saldrá antes de que termine la danza
con el séptimo día lo llorarán
con trompetas y coquetería por última vez

El sueño de Perhan nunca termina
noche a noche la luna se introduce dentro de su cama
llenando su cabeza con historias de caos inimaginables
es sólo cuando despierta que Perhan se para sobre sus propios pies
y se contempla a sí mismo volando sobre las autopistas
tarareando una minúscula canción gitana.

De Polaroids
publicado en chbooks 
Traducido del inglés por Myriam Rozenberg

Polaroids of Tobe Hooper

Once all the bruises were worn through 
and you slid into the beach chair 
the wind changed direction 
calmed your matted hair 
into one solid clump of disaster
skin-fulls of the nastiness oozing from your 
guru-fish, spider monkey, loser
all glowing full of widow's grief and passion 
masked with frenzy 
posing the pose 
a camera never spies incorrectly
salt lick lens under your nostrils
you are a beautiful pigeon 
mocking our tastelessly attired bones.


After Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire 1988

He is an American angel 
on the other side of the ocean
on the other side of the wall
come to steal their wings 

he flutters past abandoned fields 
wet with rain 
begins a fairy tale of life
where he is no longer an angel
where he stands above the city looking down
with eyes that have never closed without sleep

he is an American angel 
come to steal their thunder
while they stroke each other's wings at the ending of the day
he is an American wandering their set
swaggering past the ruins of their dreams
he is Peter Falk dressed as Colombo 
impersonating an angel
impersonating an American full of desire
to fly over their heavens with foreign wings.

Moth Catcher

After Billy Wilder's Sunset Blvd. 1950

What happens when they find me floating past the lilies
face down in her pool?
well that's where it begins 
the story of me and Norma
somewhere between her stairway and the street
from the moment she stepped out of the light
and spiraled her way toward me 
in a river of perfumed desire
a serpent of gargantuan proportions cluttering my vision 
inviting me to lie at the bottom of the stairs 
to watch her dance the dance of forgotten women

what happens when you fall for it?
when you find yourself in her arms
with the credits rolling 
and you realize there is no moth catcher with his flood lights
waiting to catch your fall
there is no you and Norma at the bottom of the stairs
there is only a faint trace of a swan opening its wings

what happens is they find you on a bed of seaweed swooning 
against her scent.

The Journey

After Jane Campion's The Piano 1993

Midnight and long ships have brought her to him
journeying over the rivers of time
she arrives on deserted beaches until

what he hears are her fingers stroking the keys
then ribbons of unimaginable happiness 
slip through his hands 
falling at her feet music crashes into him
from every direction 

midnight and the forest takes her away from him until
she arrives again days later
to lie with him under the heavy palms under his piano until
he understands the journey of her silence until
he speaks from a place of unimaginable rapture until
the long ships take them to the very bottom of the ocean
where the echo of his voice will fade from her lips.

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