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P. K. PAGE [8924]

P. K. Page

P. K. Page  (Noviembre 23, 1916 – Enero 14, 2010)
Patricia Kathleen Page, comúnmente conocida como PK Page, fue una poeta canadiense. Autor de más de 30 libros publicados: poesía, ficción, diarios de viaje, ensayos, libros para niños, y una autobiografía.
En la resolución especial de la Naciones Unidas, su poema "Planeta Tierra" - "Planet Earth"  2001 fue leído simultáneamente en Nueva York, la Antártida y el Pacífico Sur para celebrar el Año Internacional del Diálogo entre Civilizaciones.
También fue conocida como artista visual, exhibió su trabajo como PK Irwin en gran número de lugares dentro y fuera de Canadá. Sus obras se encuentran en colecciones permanentes de la Galería Nacional de Canadá y la Galería de Arte de Ontario.


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Hologram: a Book of Glosas. London, Ont.: Brick Books, 1994. ISBN 0-919626-72-6 (contains poems: Hologram, The Gold Sun, Autumn, Poor Bird, Inebriate, In Memoriam, Presences, Planet Earth, Love's Pavilion, Alone, A Bagatelle, Exile, The Answer, The End)
The Hidden Room, Vol. 1, Erin, Ont.: The Porcupine's Quill, 1997. ISBN 0-88984-190-X.
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Hand Luggage – 2006
Coal and Roses – 2009 (shortlisted for the 2010 Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize)
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The Sun and the Moon [as Judith Cape] – 1944
The Sun and the Moon and Other Fictions. Toronto: Anansi, 1973. ISBN 0-88784-327-1 (contents: The Sun and the Moon, The Neighbour, The Green Bird, The Woman, The Lord's Plan, Miracles, As One Remembers a Dream, George, The Glass Box)
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The Goat that Flew Victoria, B.C.: Beach Holme, 1994 (illustrated by Gal, Marika). ISBN 0-88878-334-5 (sequel to A Flask of Sea Water)
A Grain of Sand (2003)
A Brazilian Alphabet for the Young Reader (2005)
Jake, the Baker, Makes a Cake (2008)
The Old Woman and the Hen (2008)
There Once Was a Camel (2008)
The Sky Tree Oolichon Books, 2009.

Llamada desde México

Una llamada
no sirve
no puede brindar consuelo  no
puede espinas extraer
ni obligarte a tomar
un antídoto
A través de esta distancia
no puede tocar tu mano
Tu voz son flechas rotas
Tú eres todos
aquellos a los que amo
que envejecen sin gracia
articulaciones     psiques     corazón
mentes      se quiebran 
y a quienes
no puedo componer
ni aliviar
¿Cómo terminar
esta llamada
insultante y furiosa
a través de millas y años
y yo
deshecha en llanto.

Lucotti, Claudia (traducción)

Este duro oficio

La cera se ha fundido
pero este sueño de volar
Yo, Ícaro, varado
en mi carne,
albergo una sección brillante
donde un pájaro
noche tras noche
mientras duermo
a la luz de los astros
despliega sus dos alas espectrales
y ensaya.

Traducción Jordi Doce

The Blue Guitar

They said, ‘You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are.’
The man replied, ‘Things as they are
are changed upon the blue guitar.’
- The Blue Guitar (Wallace Stevens)
I do my best to tell it true
a thing exceeding hard to do
or tell it slant as Emily
advises in her poetry,
and, colour blind, how can I know
if green is blue or cinnabar.
Find me a colour chart that I
can check against a summer sky.
My eye is on a distant star.
They said, ‘You have a blue guitar.’
‘I have,’ the man replied, ‘it’s true.
The instrument I strum is blue
I strum my joy, I strum my pain
I strum the sun, I strum the rain.
But tell me, what is that to you?
You see things as you think they are.
Remove the mote within your ear
then talk to me of what you hear.’
They said, ‘Go smoke a blue cigar!
You do not play things as they are.’
‘Things as they are? Above? Below?
In hell or heaven? Fast or slow …?’
They silenced him. ‘It’s not about
philosophy, so cut it out.
We want the truth and not what you
are playing on the blue guitar.
So start again and play it straight
don’t improvise, prevaricate.
Just play things as they really are.’
The man replied, ‘Things as they are
are not the same as things that were
or will be in another year.
The literal is rarely true
for truth is old and truth is new
and faceted – a metaphor
for something higher than we are.
I play the truth of Everyman
I play the truth as best I can.
The things I play are better far
when changed upon the blue guitar.’

From Coal and Roses, by P.K. Page

Deaf-Mute in the Pear Tree

His clumsy body is a golden fruit
pendulous in the pear tree   

Blunt fingers among the multitudinous buds   

Adriatic blue the sky above and through
the forking twigs

Sun ruddying tree’s trunk, his trunk
his massive head thick-nobbed with burnished curls   
tight-clenched in bud

(Painting by Generalíc. Primitive.)

I watch him prune with silent secateurs

Boots in the crotch of branches shift their weight   
heavily as oxen in a stall

Hear small inarticulate mews from his locked mouth   
a kitten in a box

Pear clippings fall
                            soundlessly on the ground
Spring finches sing
                            soundlessly in the leaves

A stone. A stone in ears and on his tongue

Through palm and fingertip he knows the tree’s   
quick springtime pulse

Smells in its sap the sweet incipient pears

Pale sunlight’s choppy water glistens on   
his mutely snipping blades

and flags and scraps of blue
above him make regatta of the day

But when he sees his wife’s foreshortened shape   
sudden and silent in the grass below   
uptilt its face to him

then air is kisses, kisses   

stone dissolves

his locked throat finds a little door

and through it feathered joy   
flies screaming like a jay

The Metal and the Flower
Intractable between them grows
a garden of barbed wire and roses.
Burning briars like flames devour
their too innocent attire.
Dare they meet, the blackened wire
tears the intervening air.

Trespassers have wandered through
texture of flesh and petals.
Dogs like arrows moved along
pathways that their noses knew.
While the two who laid it out
find the metal and the flower
fatal underfoot.

Black and white at midnight glows
this garden of barbed wire and roses.
Doused with darkness roses burn
coolly as a rainy moon:
beneath a rainy moon or none
silver the sheath on barb and thorn.

Change the garden, scale and plan;
wall it, make it annual.
There the briary flower grew.
There the brambled wire ran.
While they sleep the garden grows,
deepest wish annuls the will:
perfect still the wire and rose.


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