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HOA NGUYEN [20.135]

Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Nguyen (nacida en 1967 en Vĩnh Long) es una poeta estadounidense.

Nacida cerca de Saigón , Hoa Nguyen creció en el área de Washington DC y estudió poesía en el New College of California en San Francisco. Ahora vive en Toronto, Ontario. 

Con su esposo Dale Smith, Nguyen editó diez números de la revista Skanky Possum, y bajo esta impronta publicó libros y capítulos de Kristin Prevallet, Tom Clark, Frank O'Hara y otros. Juntos organizan una serie de lecturas presentando actuaciones de Pierre Joris, Linh Dinh, Susan Briante, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Kate Greenstreet, Laynie Browne, Anselm Berrigan y otros. Desde 1998, ha dirigido un popular taller de escritura virtual y centrado en obras de poetas como Alice Notley, Eileen Myles, Joanne Kyger, Philip Whalen, Charles Olson, Emily Dickinson y Gertrude Stein. Actualmente enseña poética en la Universidad Ryerson de Toronto, el programa de MFA de baja residencia en Miami y la Escuela Milton Avery de Bellas Artes en Bard College. 

Colecciones de poesía:

Violet Energy Ingots ( Wave Books , 2016) (shortlisted for the 2017 Griffin Poetry Prize )
As Long As Trees Last ( Wave Books , 2012)
Hecate Lochia (Hot Whiskey Press, 2009)
Your Ancient See Through (Subpress, 2002)

Chapbooks y folletos:

Tells of the Crackling ( Ugly Duckling Presse , 2015)
Late in the Month ( Country Valley Press , 2011)
Chinaberry ( Fact-Simile , 2010)
Kiss a Bomb Tattoo ( Effing Press , 2009)
What Have You ( Longhouse Poetry , 2008)
Poems ( Dos Press Chaps , 2007)
Six Poems ( Tolling Elves , 2005)
Red Juice ( Effing Press , 2005)
Add Some Blue (Backwoods Broadsides Chaplet Series, 2004)
Let's Eat Red for Fun (Booglet, 2000)
Parrot Drum ( Leroy Press , 2000)
Dark (Mike and Dale's Press, 1998)

Poema con los primeros versos de los poemas de Tagore

Déjame nunca perder esta forma
Déjame nunca perder
Vida de mi vida    alguna vez lo intentaré
Luz   mi luz    la luz que ilumina el mundo
Luz    dónde está la luz
Más vida   mi amor   más y más
Madre    debo hacer una cadena de perlas
Mis deseos son tantos y mi tristeza llora
No más ruido   bulliciosas palabras de mí

La traducción corre a cargo de Adalberto García López.

Poem of First Lines from Tagore Poems

Let me never lose hold of this shape
Let me never lose
Life of my life   I shall ever try
Light   my light   the world-filling light
Light   oh where is the light
More life   my love   yet more
Mother   I shall weave a chaine of pearls
My desires are many and my pitiful cry
No more noisy   loud words from me

I Don’t Care

I don’t care anymore
one emblem of a whole pattern

I’m going to the café
Want the bag     rinky-dink it

Rain me      mother
Brain me

Consciousness means something else
a side of sliced ham

I gave the carved medallion
Horse relief and tender

My grey grey grey
bangles       and leapings

Black snake in the mud


Screaming      mostly
I like to dance    dark woods
stony hills      lonely & moody
god      I can scream
floating piped tunes
mantle for protected onces

are]      possibly  “all”


You always “take me to yr hearts”
moon lit     sweet     after unearthly
whiskered tree-love     trusted
with my small horns

Such a mood flower    sequined
feet padding about

No      I do not want to see
pictures of your white progeny 

Independence Day 2010 

Can be cracked or am that       you didn't 
consider me or I thought so 
recovering in a nap     You took the 4th 
of July beers

   In the movie 
she was Asian and playing an Asian 
part   singing white on white in the white 

      I want to strum 
or mask this day

Ask a question
of the large “picture” window
like why and why and also why 
to think of the napalmed girl 
in the picture

Unused Baby 

Unused baby blood and this is 
how you motion with hands 
clotty leaving

   You have your apparatus 
being the Frog Husband and I burn 
your frog skin to keep you 
in the shape I prefer

   Chimes   You wrote in your apple 
box   Elegant neck

   I tried to glue the ripped 
paper back to the religious 
art but it doesn't work

   Making a mess of it

   Wasp friend landed on my 
shoulder sparkle to say     This place
we are in            is a place

             Broil the asparagus

   Frog heart

   Wash towels and rags
on Wednesdays


 Swell     you can dream more   the earth
swells      seeds pop
I glance at the prize
eyes closed in the glancing

It’s not a time to run
I wear soft shoes
and it took a long time
to walk here

Insects nudge me in my dreams
like the 5 honey bees plus
the strange one
Intelligent bee glances buzzing

to say   Let me out    The fake
lights confuse us
confuses the source

Worker bee buzzed my neck
directly   me not turning off
lamps fast enough

     just open the door
to the sun

Autumn Poem 2012

Call capable
      a lemony
light & fragile

Time like a ball and elastic

so I can stop burning the pots

        wondering yes       electric stove

She is her   but I don’t reme
mber                         remember
the ashes I obsess    She said

I was obsessed with
(not wanting to work with

     Mandible dream
    says the street
& ash work

              because the scorn
and ions long
there   I wor   I woke up
in the overlooked dark

           I work
do that warp    twistingly
wrap the dead

Black and white like the
long-dead    starved pet rodent
eating the basement
        curtains and peanut shells

  I walk    I wal
I walks down sometimes
why the advi

abide    the advice was

not “Fair better”
but “Fail better”

Auto dish soap
½ and ½
Coffee beans

Bake the golden things
Rust colors
Rust colors

Haunted Sonnet

Haunt lonely and find when you lose your shadow
secretive house centipede on the old window

You pronounce Erinys as “Air-n-ease”
Alecto: the angry    Magaera: the grudging

Tisiphone: the avenger (voice of revenge)
“Women guardians of the natural order”

Think of the morning dream with ghosts     
Why draw the widow’s card and wear the gorgeous

Queen of Swords crown                Your job is
to rescue the not-dead woman before she enters

the incinerating garbage shoot      wrangle silver
raccoon power          Forever a fought doll

She said, “What do you know about Vietnam?”
Violet energy ingots      Tenuous knowing moment

Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Nguyen was born January 26, 1967, in the Mekong Delta near Saigon, Vietnam. When she was eighteen months old, she moved to the United States and was raised in the Washington, D.C., area. Nguyen earned her MFA at the New College of California in San Francisco, where she studied with Tom Clark and Lyn Hejinian, and remained active in the Bay Area poetry scene for years before moving in 1997 to Austin, Texas, where she lived for fourteen years. While in Austin, Nguyen cofounded—along with her husband, poet Dale Smith—Skanky Possum, a small press poetry journal and book imprint through which they published the work of poets such as Amiri Baraka, Linh Dinh, Eileen Myles, and Alice Notley.

Nguyen is the author of four poetry collections: Red Juice: Poems 1998–2008 (Wave Books, 2014), As Long as Trees Last (Wave Books, 2012), Hecate Lochia (Hot Whiskey Press, 2009), and Your Ancient See Through (Subpress, 2002).

“Hoa Nguyen’s poems might appear fragmented at first—like pieces of broken china … but the pieces of image and story that make up her poems prove to be more particle than fragment, each integral and necessary. The space between these particles is as meaningful as the space between stars. The poems move according to an order that reveals its presence slowly, offering humor and beauty as rewards along the way,” writes Iris Cushing in BOMB.

Nguyen has performed, lectured, and fulfilled residencies at a number of colleges and universities, including Brown University, Buffalo State, Naropa University, the Toronto New School of Writing, and the University of Texas at Austin. She currently teaches poetics at Ryerson University and lives in Toronto.

Selected Bibliography

Red Juice: Poems 1998–2008 (Wave Books, 2014)
As Long as Trees Last (Wave Books, 2012)
Hecate Lochia (Hot Whiskey Press, 2009)
Your Ancient See Through (Subpress, 2002)


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